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Friday 6 October 2017

Carrageenan E407 Suppliers Information and Production Method

You might search for carrageenan E407 suppliers for your company since you need to create product with the item send by this supplier. Especially since the item that this supplier sends to you is a very common item used by many companies. As the item itself, is very helpful item that able to make the production that done by those companies becomes easier. However, if you owned a new company which makes you unaware about the presence of this special item, then you surely want to know more about the item itself. You can be sure that knowing more information about this item will really help your company greatly in the future.

Best carrageenan e407 suppliers for your company
If you do not know what actually the carrageenan is, then you should know that this item is actually a type of food additive which made from red type seaweed. This food additive is also a type of polysaccharides that carrageenan very frequently used in foods. And when you see the E number that this food additive has, and then it means it is alright to be used inside food as it is approved by regulators for European Union region.
Before you know more about the carrageenan E407 suppliers, it is best that you know first about the E number that it has. It is a numbering system used in European Union region for many kinds of substance used inside food. The E on this number is actually means Europe. And for this item we discuss about, it is still in the 400 range number which is a range number used for additive which able to emulsify, thicken and stabilize food. And there are many kinds of additive which inside this range number.
The carrageenan itself falls into the 400 to 409 sub range number, which used for additive which made from algae or alginates food additive. This sub range number really describe what the carrageenan is all about as it is made from red type seaweed that is also consider as a type of algae. So the European Union regulators have really take this numbering system seriously so it can describe the type of food additive used as ingredient of many kinds of product.
Furthermore the European Union regulators also have sub number E407a inside this carrageenan E number. Actually the food additive in this sub number is still the same as the original number itself. But this sub number will be used when the food additive is presented to be presses product that comes from eucheuma subfamily of seaweed. Furthermore usually the food additive inside this sub number has higher cellulose content.
The eucheuma subfamily itself is a subfamily of seaweed which can be easily found in Philippines and Indonesia. That is why there are many carrageenan E407suppliers which located on those two countries. Moreover, in the Philippines there is a special species from this subfamily that is farm by the farmers in the country which is in the eucheuma cottonii species and the local farmers will call it as guso.
You heard it right, the seaweed are actually farm by the carrageenan E407 suppliers, that is why the supplier usually located in countries that has large sea area as those two countries. The farm itself will be created from bamboo sticks that can easily float on the sea water. Then there will be several nylon material strings which attached to those sticks. The strings usually have 2 meters depth since the seaweed needs to be farm inside the water. In couple of months after planting, then the seaweed can be harvest and dried to be sent into the supplier’s factory location.
In the carrageenan factory location of carrageenan E407 suppliers, the seaweed will be ground, sifted and wash so all the dirt which attached to it can be removed. Next is to boil it using alkali liquid which will make the carrageenan E407 substance to come out from the seaweed.
But there is also cellulose which comes out and it will be removed using mechanical method. Last the reminding liquid will be evaporates and the solid substance will be ground to make it powder. Those are several procedure that the carrageenan E407 suppliers done when they want to create the product to be used by your company.

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