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Friday 6 October 2017

Indonesian Shrimp Farming Industry Production Factors

You might be interested in knowing more about Indonesian shrimp farming industry especially when you have supplier from this country. Yes, it might be very easy for you to find shrimp supplier which comes from Indonesia country to give you the product that you need. Especially, since there are many shrimp farmers in this country, that can be your supplier. Furthermore the shrimp product that comes from this country also has high quality. This makes many business owners prefers Indonesian shrimp farmer to be their supplier. So they can get the best quality shrimp product to be used on their business production process.

Factors that effect Indonesian shrimp farming industry
Indonesia is very suitable country for shrimp farming as the climate which is warm is also very suitable climate for the shrimp to grow. That is one of the reasons why the shrimp product that comes from this country has high quality. However, the Indonesian shrimp farming industry used to be very small as they only done their production in simple process. Especially back in the sixties era, when the shrimp farming is only first started. During that period, they only own very little information about this farming process and they do not have technology to make it into industry level farming.
However, now the Indonesian shrimp farming industry is already advanced. Now, they already knowledgeable about the shrimp farming process and they also have advance technology to support their industry. Now this industry is already done professionally which make their product result stand out in the global market. Furthermore, they are able to farm many kinds of shrimp in their farm location, so the business owners that want to work with them will have various product selections to choose from.
Meanwhile the farming process on Indonesian shrimp farming industry itself is already started from when the shrimp is still in the juvenile life cycle stage. Then the farmer will grow it until it becomes shrimp and ready to be sold to other business owners that needs it. It seems very easy, but actually the process is highly depends on several factors such as pond environment as well as water quality which uses in the farming process.
For the pond, the challenge is already start from the beginning of the farming process. Especially since newly dug pond is not a good environment for the shrimp to grow as the food supply in the newly dug pond is not enough yet. When the shrimp is growing inside the pond, it should be able to feed on the algae that grow inside the pond and larvae insects that hatched on the pond. But since it is a newly dug pond, then the amount of those two items are not enough for the entire shrimp yet. The pond need at least one year for those two items to grow and available in abundant amount so the shrimp can feed on it.
That is why, in the waiting process for the pond to be ready, and then Indonesian shrimp farming industry process can be done in other places. Actually besides growing inside the pond, the shrimp can also be growing inside aquarium, water tank or even swimming pool. That is why, for the early stages of the shrimp, the farmer will grow it inside other storage while waiting for the pond to be ready. Then after the shrimp gets bigger, it will be transferred into the pond again. This transfer is necessary as the pond usually gives the best result compared to other growing storage that previously mentions. Thus the farmer prefers to grow the shrimp inside the pond.
The next thing that needs to be pay attention is about the water quality used inside the pond itself. The quality of the water should be suitable for the shrimp, which is why the water will be tested first before usage. There are many sources that can be use for the pond water such as reservoir, stream or even river. The pond should have good amount of water supply which should also have good oxygen quality. The Indonesian shrimp farming industry is highly depends on those two factors, but when those factors are fulfill then the result that they produce will have high quality so you can be sure with it.

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