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Friday 6 October 2017

Indonesian Shrimp Production Gives Great Quality Result

The Indonesian shrimp production is able to give great quality result which make this country becomes top supplier for shrimp product in the world. As demand for shrimp production continues to increase every year, a lot of suppliers from various countries are coming out every year. But the shrimp production in Indonesia continues to stay in top position as the quality of product that they produce cannot be matched by most countries. That is why the supplier that comes from Indonesia is trusted by many business owners. Thus demand for shrimp product from this producer continues to grow every economic year.

Great quality result from Indonesian shrimp production
However, the good quality that they get is not come right away as in the old days; the production itself is done in very traditional way. That is because in the old days Indonesian people does not have the right technology to be used in their production and they are not knowledgeable enough about the production process. But after decades of experience that they earn while doing the production and the development of new technology in the country, now Indonesian shrimp production can be done in more modern ways. Now their production method is as good as the one done by modern countries and their product is on a par with the product from those countries.
Furthermore, now they are already able to produce shrimp in different types thus the companies that uses Indonesian shrimp product will have various choices to get. Even though there are different types of shrimp is produced, but the production method itself is done in similar way. They first takes the shrimp which is still in juvenile stage to be use in their production which will then growing into shrimp which is the product that the company search from the Indonesian supplier.
The Indonesian shrimp production is able to create the best product from their production because they are able to give the best environment for the shrimp to grow. As you know that the Indonesia is lies on warm temperature area, and this temperature is actually very suitable temperature for the shrimp to grow. Another preparation that the Indonesian producer has done in their production is on the pond preparation as well as water preparation which actually very important for the shrimp life itself.
The pond which prepared by the producer will be dug so it can be use to retain the water inside so the shrimp can grow inside. That is why the soil on the pond should be good enough as it need to retain the water. Furthermore the condition of the pond which dug should also be suitable for the shrimp. That condition involving the number of food source inside the pond which should be enough for the shrimp. The shrimp inside the pond would need algae as well as insect larva as the food source that they can feed on. Indonesian shrimp production challenge comes when that condition cannot be fulfill on the first year of the pond is dug as those food source have not developed in enough amount.
To compensate with this problem, then the production will be moved temporarily on different location. It can be done as the shrimp actually can also grow well inside an aquarium, a swimming pool and even a water tank with large size. However, pond growing method is preferred for Indonesian shrimp production as this method can give the highest result.
Next challenge is on the water quality which should have suitable mineral for the shrimp to grow and it should also contain enough oxygen for the shrimp to life. To know all of that, then the water from several resources will be tested to determine which one is more suitable for the shrimp. Actually the resources of the water for the pond are varied as it can be taken from rivers, streams, and even reservoirs. Thus there is no problem in finding the perfect water condition which is suitable for the shrimp later. Then after the challenges are all fulfilled the Indonesian shrimp production can be done in perfect condition. That is the reason why, production which done in Indonesia can create the best product quality. Thus demand for their product will continue to increase every year as the production gets better.

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