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Friday 6 October 2017

Farmed Indonesian Shrimp Benefits

Sometime people said that the shrimp is eaten for the taste only not for the nutrition. Well, it is not totally wrong but you also need to know that there are wonderful healthy Indonesian shrimp benefits available for those who consumed it. Shrimp has a great taste, no doubt about it and that’s why they are cherished by many people especially seafood lovers. Not only the taste is great, but they also low in calories and packed with many nutrients like minerals and vitamins plus the high protein. There is nothing wrong by eating shrimp from both wild and farmed Indonesia due to these reasons.

All of the Indonesian shrimp benefits
All of the Indonesian shrimp benefits come from the rich nutrition contents in the shrimp. When consumed in moderate amount, the shrimp can provide beneficial healthy intakes for your body such as:
-          The minerals
There are many minerals properties inside one Indonesian shrimp and you will be able to gain so much healthy benefits when taste it. For example:
·         The iron that good to support red blood cells production and it is also help to prevent anemia.
·         Calcium and phosphor to strengthen both your bones and teeth while preventing osteoporosis.
·         Antioxidant properties which fight against free radicals that can cause cancers, so they can be used to lower cancer risk, and many more.
-          The vitamins
The vitamins are other things you can gain when eating Indonesian shrimp. The benefits of vitamin like vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin are provided by the shrimp. They are good to improve overall healthy body system and function. Your body need enough vitamin intakes each day and includes the shrimp as part of your diet will help to give more intakes.
-          Low in calories but high in protein
Along with the minerals and vitamins, Indonesian shrimp benefits also come from the high protein level. The protein ensures to boost your energy while help to built muscle tissue and to support weight loss by control your craving and appetite. Eating foods rich in protein is a mush when you want to take a weight loss diet.
There are still many healthy benefits provided by Indonesian shrimp which you can experience directly when cooking and eating the shrimp.
Is it safe to eat farmed shrimp from Indonesia?
More than 80 percents of shrimp sold in the market are farmed while the rest are wild caught. Due to the growing demand of shrimp in international market, wild caught shrimp are no longer supply such high demand and thus farmed shrimp is cultivated with the major producers come from Asian developing countries including Indonesia. The question then arises among people about whether is it safe to eat or consume farmed shrimp from Indonesia.
First, the Indonesian shrimp benefits are not only coming from its delicious taste or the healthy nutrition, but also from the suppliers who willing to give reasonable and cheaper price when you purchase farmed shrimp. Wild caught shrimp tend to have more expensive price than the farmed one. In addition, there are some benefits of unseasonal condition. You can only get wild caught shrimp during several seasons and this is means that you cannot have an access for them when they are out of the season. With farmed shrimp, they are available each year without you waiting for the season. That’s other farmed Indonesian shrimp benefits to take notes.
You do not need to worry with farmed shrimp as long as you can tell how the suppliers or the farmers cultivate, manage, and harvest the shrimp. If there are reputable suppliers then they are mostly manage the farmed shrimp in clean and hygienist ponds or tanks. They will offer good quality control for the shrimp to maintain them and to prevent contamination, diseases, and other chemical harmful matters. Moreover, if you look for Indonesian shrimp suppliers, you can also ask them their certificate to ensure the safety of the shrimp.
Usually imported seafood will get inspection from the regulators to make sure there are edible and free from bacteria or other contamination that can lead to dangerous threat. That’s why, it is okay to check for Indonesian suppliers and although they are sourced the shrimp from shrimp farms, as long as you know how to deal with them to ensure the safety then it is okay so you can still get Indonesian shrimp benefits.

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