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Friday 6 October 2017

Recipe Shrimp Indonesia Buying, Preparing, and Cooking

As one of the largest shrimp suppliers in the world, Indonesia has many shrimp dishes worth to be tried. Recipe shrimp Indonesia is really simple but the taste is wonderful. Indonesia is known as a maritime country with tropical waters that suitable for the shrimp to inhabit. There are many species of shrimp harvested each year both wild and farmed caught. The shrimp then sold domestically and internationally to various countries including America, Europe, Australia, and other Asian countries like Japan and Korea. The exported shrimp is known to have the best quality.
Wonderful taste of recipe shrimp Indonesia
Indonesia dish is known to have wonderful taste including delicious recipe shrimp Indonesia with delightful and flavorful appearance. Shrimp can be cooked in so many ways such as pan fried (yes, it is the simplest and the most popular way to cook the shrimp!), grilled, broiled, boiled, and so on. However, to have good taste you should be able to find great quality of shrimp too because the main ingredient and in this case is the shrimp will affect the end taste of your dish. Consider these things when buying shrimp at supermarket:
-          Avoid buying fresh shrimp that displayed on the seafood section.
First thing first, it is better to pick out the frozen shrimp instead of choosing the shrimp that labeled as “fresh” on the seafood counter. Why? Because it is unsure whether the shrimp is really the freshest or they are previously thawed then displayed as fresh shrimp. Who knows that the fresh shrimp you see is actually several days or weeks ago caught before being delivered to the market. Frozen sometime is better alternative if you cannot find fresh and raw shrimp that still alive.
-          Buy raw shrimp instead pre-cooked or cooked shrimp
To make a better recipe shrimp Indonesia taste, better you cook with raw shrimp instead of pre-cooked or cooked one. Pre-cooked or cooked shrimp is more difficult to be added by additional flavor because they are already ruined, you will end up with awful taste sometime so it is best to cook with raw uncooked frozen shrimp.
-          Purchase the best quality of frozen shrimp
Get your eyes and hands on the shrimp when you buying them at supermarket. First look for any odd visible signs of the shrimp to ensure that the shrimp is still in good condition. After that, if allowed by the seller, touch the shrimp and the flesh should be firm with bright and not dull appearance.
After you are done shopping for the shrimp then it is the time for you to start preparing and cooking simple recipe shrimp Indonesia.
Try this recipe shrimp Indonesia!
If this is your first time trying to cook with Indonesian recipe then it is fine since the recipe is really simple to try at home. First, you need to thaw the frozen shrimp right after you comeback from the store. If you want to cook the shrimp the next day, you can simply store the shrimp overnight to thaw slowly or if you want to quickly use them then you can soak the shrimp in cold water for few minutes.
After you are done thawing the shrimp, please prepare below ingredients to cook Sweet and Spicy shrimp recipe Indonesia (Udang Pedang Manis):
-          ⅓ cup of Indonesian sweet soy sauce
-          2 tbsp of oil
-          1½ tbsp of corn starch mixed with 3 tbsp of water
-          100 gr shallot or bawang merah
-          ¾ cup of chicken stock/ water
-          500 gr of peeled tail on and deveined shrimp in medium size
-          5-10 dried red chilies or according to your taste
1.      Prepare and heat the oil in frying pan. Sauté for three minutes the red chilies and shallot till they are smell fragrant.
2.      Add soy sauce and chicken stock and bring them to boil.
3.      Add the shrimp and start to cook them about one minute till the color turn bright red or pink.
4.      Add the corn start mixture to thicken the sauce and cook again for two minutes. After you are done cooking the shrimp, turn down the heat and then transfer the shrimp into clean serving plate. You can enjoy it with steamed rice.
If you have another recipe shrimp Indonesia and we are glad if you willing to share it too for us and enjoy the dish today!

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