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Friday 6 October 2017

Shrimp Nutritional Content that Beneficial for Health

You might want to understand more about shrimp nutritional content before eating this food item so you can get the benefits from it. Shrimp itself is crustacean which have skeleton outside their body named as exoskeleton. It is widely consumed as a whole including the heads, tail and even the outer skeleton. However, in America only the inside parts of the shrimp is consumed excluding those parts we mention before. Shrimp food also considered as food with the most variation since there are hundreds different shrimp species which is commonly consumed among thousands of shrimp species living around the world.

Information about shrimp nutritional contentThere are many kinds of nutritional content that is available inside the shrimps which proven to be beneficial for your body such as:
1.      Astaxanthin
Inside 4 ounce of shrimp can contain astaxanthin around 1 to 4 milligrams. The amount of this nutrient inside the shrimp is varied based on the creature intake in their diet. Naturally this nutrient can be found inside either zooplankton or phytoplankton which becomes the shrimp natural food. This make shrimp naturally contains astaxanthin because they feed on zooplankton or other marine algae.
This shrimp nutritional content is used as antioxidant which beneficial for your body since it can help the work of musculoskeletal as well as nervous system. Furthermore this nutrient also able to reduce the risk from colon cancer as well as some diabetes related symptoms.
2.      Selenium
Inside 4 ounce of shrimp can contain selenium around 56 micrograms. This mineral which found inside the shrimp body can easily be absorb by human body which is around 80% to 85% content available inside the shrimp body.
The lack of selenium inside human body can cause several problems such as the increase of heart failure risk as well as other cardiovascular symptoms. Some cognitive function problem, depression and risk for diabetes type 2 as well as other disease will also increase if your body is lacking this essential mineral.
3.      Copper
Shrimp nutritional content also includes copper which is actually available in high rate. The richness of this nutrient inside the shrimp cannot be match by other type of fish. Furthermore research has found the copper inside the shrimp comes from hemocyanin which a type of protein that contains the copper inside the shrimp body and plays important role in its oxygen metabolism. The copper itself is actually a type of antioxidant which very important for an enzyme function called as SOD. This enzyme is important to regulate your body in metabolize the oxygen and prevent any stress caused by oxidative matters.
4.      Omega 3
Inside 4 ounce of shrimp can contain omega 3 around 325 to 375 milligrams which is very essential acid for your body. This shrimp nutritional content omega 3 inside the shrimp consist of EPA 50% and DHA 50% and both is highly important for the health of nervous system and cardiovascular system. Furthermore the omega 3 and omega 6 ratios is 1:1 which is a great ratio since higher ratio means lower risk of many kinds of disease.
5.      Protein
Inside 4 ounce of shrimp can contain protein around 26 grams which already cover around 50% of daily protein need. This protein will be break down to be peptides which able to stimulate your body from producing a hormone called as cholecystokinin that produced by the cell which lines the intestinal tract. This hormone has very important role which able to regulate appetite so you will feel satisfy after eating a food since it will trigger the full feeling.
6.      Low calories
Another shrimp nutritional content that you should know is that the low calories that it has. Every medium size shrimp only contains 7 calories thus you can satisfy your shrimp craving without consuming too many calories. Furthermore you should also be happier since by having those low calorie number, the shrimp still has other great nutrient content.
Those are several information about shrimp nutritional content that you should know and able to make you more aware on the benefit of eating this food, thus shrimp also should be bought from trusted shrimp suppliers. Furthermore the nutrition inside the shrimp can be earn without consuming too many calories which you cannot done if you are to consume other type of food, thus it is another reason to consume shrimp.

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